Service Opportunities at Mt. Olive

Opportunities for Service

  • Donate food to Food Box - supports St. Vincent de Paul
  • Donate items for Joseph Gale Back Pack Program
    (individual servings - snacks, juice, oatmeal,cocoa, fruit cups,pudding cups,)
    macaroni and cheese, chicken noodle soup,small boxes of raisins, Ritz Crackers, Wheat Thins
  • Sign up for "Helping Hands" - list of volunteers to provide meals and assistance to congregational
  • Volunteer for "Treasure Nights" (monthly meeting for developmentally disabled community adults- Bible stores, singing, crafts, snack)
  • Help with our Harvest Bazaar, the second Saturday in October
  • dresses
  • Sew “Little Dress
  • es for Africa” - Since 2011 we have been involved with the “Little Dresses for Africa program. Recently dresses have been taken to Uganda, Kenya and other missions in Africa. Bernice Wegener, one of our Mt. Olive members has sewn approximately 820 dresses to date. We invite anyone who likes to sew to join her. You might also choose to donate pillow cases, yardage, or trim materials. Below is a picture sent to us from Uganda of some of the girls wearing Bernice’s dresses.